What is IOMAD?

What is IOMAD?

IOMAD is a copy of Moodle that supports the Multi-Tenancy Solution. IOMAD updates also releases its upgraded version like Moodle. It is a LMS (Learning management System) that comes with some added features to support to Multi-Tenancy and the E-commerce solution.

IOMAD Features

  • Multi-Tenancy - default Moodle is suitable for the single instances. But whenever you need to go with the licensing model or you have multiple clients then IOMAD is a better choice over the Moodle. Here you will find the Company (a top level) under which you can create users, courses, see reports etc.
  • Ecommerce  - Since it supports Multi-Tenancy it has the feature of creating a courses, assigning licenses to the company, selling of courses etc.
  • Licensing - Yes, you can assign the licenses to the company as per the business need.
  • Reporting - You will find some additional reports that were not there in the Moodle LMS around the company and the license.

Additional feature at Company Management

  • Add company - this feature is not available in the standard Moodle. This has been included in the IOMAD due to this feature IOMAD is a multi-tenancy LMS.
  • Update company
  • Add department - This was also not there with the Moodle. There was only a field name or meta data of the user. But now in IOMAD it has a separate section. We can create or manage departments. We can put the department inside the company as well.
  • Update department
  • Restrict capabilities
  • Email templates
  • Company additional profile fields management
  • User management
  • License management - We can create licenses and award that licenses to the company/department.
  • IOMAD E-Commerce - It provide the platform to deal with the E-commerce as well. By using this feature, we can create or sell our courses
  • Competencies

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